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Minepedia - Minecraft Explorer

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Informação App:
- Nome: Minepedia - Minecraft Explorer
- Tamanho: 4,7M
- Editor: Nubage
- Atualizada: 27 mars 2016
- Requer Android: 4.1 ou version ultérieure
- Versão Atual:
- Instalação: Entre 10 000 et 50 000

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*** Minecraft 1.9.4 ready! ***
The perks of this app:
- No time to wait for an app update, after a new Minecraft-version release.
- The full Wiki-experience displayed in an app, not just a small part or just crafting receipes.
- A collection of all items (all available id's) and all NPCs that appear in Minecraft.
- An offline mode to browse the whole Minecraft-Wiki (items&NPCs) while you're in a place that lacks an internet connection.
Minepedia is/has:
- An online/offline Browser for the Minecraft-Wikipedia.
- An explorer for items that you may have never noticed/seen before, since you can see the whole bunch of items and npc's that the minecraft world contains. :)
- The real, raw and uncensored information directly from the Minecraft-Wikipedia.
- Offline-Mode, to browse the wiki even if you're on your way. To safe data traffic, you can store the information without pictures.
- Categories (for example: Just show the combat items)
- An Offline-/Online-Switch button to switch between the internet and the local storage mode. If it's set to "Online", all information will directly taken from the Minecraft wikipedia.
Known Problems:
- The download-progress bar for the offline mode does currently only work, if you don't press another button while you load the wiki into the local storage. NOTE: This doesn't stop the download! It just stops to display the progress. This is not a big deal, everything else works as expected.
- The offline data has some minor transparency problems on Android 4.3 and lower. This is based on an outdated Webview version on this devices, as far as I know.
- "Offline-Mode" doesn't mean, that the app doesn't use the internet connection. But it will store the webpage locally to your computer and you're able to see the content in the plane-mode (communication deactivated). Note: Videos and ads from the webpage won't load then.
- This app can cause a lot of internet-traffic, be sure to update the "Offline-Mode" only if you have a Wifi-connection.
- The content does not come with the app. If you installed it, you have first to update the "Offline Mode" to be able to use it offline. You have to do this at least once.
- The "Offline-Mode" can only be updated once a day, since an update means stress for the host-server and it is really not necessary to do this more than once a day. I recommend to update maybe once a month. :)
Permissions (explained):
This is needed for the "Offline Mode". The HTML files contain images, that are downloaded to the SD card of the device. I need this permission to access them.
- read the contents of your USB storage: Save images, states, and other local options to SDCARD\.Minepedia\
- view network connections: The App uses obviously the internet in the "Online Mode". The update of the "Offline Mode" also needs an active internet connection.
- full network access: I guess this one automatically comes with the one above.
Minepedia is basically a browser for the Minecraft-Wikipedia, that automatically stores the wiki-information for offline use.
I don't distribute the content, just the browser. I'm not responsible for the information that gets published by other users on the Wiki itself.
This App is NOT an official Curse app.
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