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Informação App:
- Nome: 3DSMaxWire
- Tamanho: 237k
- Editor: Brezhnyev Kyrylo
- Versão Atual:
- Requer Android: 2.3.3 ou version ultérieure
- Atualizada: 7 mars 2014
- Instalação: Entre 1 000 et 5 000

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Plug-in for 3dsMax 2014-64 bit is added for download.
Versions 2.3.3–2.3.7 Gingerbread Added.
3DSMaxWire is meant for easy and comfortable navigation in a 3dsMax scene with the Android as input device. You can use either tablet or telephone, whaterver you like, however the larger the screen the more comfortable is the control. The software consists of two parts: client (.apk for android) and server (.dlu for 3dsMax).
How to use. Server.
1. Download the 3DSMaxWire.dlu plugin for 3dsMax. Supported versions are Max 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 both for 32 and 64 bits, as well as 2014 64 bits.
2. Store the 3DSMaxWire.dlu in the "plugins" Folder of the 3DSMax.
3. Start 3DSMax and go to utilities tab. Click "More..."
3. Find the "3DSMaxWire" and click OK.
4. Start Server. The server is ready to connect to an Android device.
How to use. Client.
1. Download the 3DSMaxWire.apk to your Android device and install it.
2. Start the application.
3. Click the "settings" button in the left upper coner.
4. Click "Set up bluetooth connection". The list of paired devices will be displayed. Choose the one where the 3dsMax program is running.
5. After successful connection "Connection succeeded..." should be displayed on your Android device.
6. Go back to the main layout and navigate the 3dsMax scene.
1. Navigation modes: Pan, Zoom and Rotate. These gestures are intuitive.
2. Double click on the main layout toggles between Shaded,Wireframe and Shaded+Wireframe rendering modes.
Possible problems.
"Connection failed" is possible message when trying to make connection.
Possible reason - the list of paired devices need to be updated in the system. Possible path for tablets: Settings->"Wireless and Networks"->"Bluetooth settings"->"Search for Devices". Make pairing with the server device (i.e. your Desktop/Laptop with 3dsMax on it). Possible path for phones: long press on the Bluetooth symbol -> "Search for Devices". Do not forget to "Make visible" to let other devices see your phone.
Server. "Show bluetooth devices" dialog -> "Add device".
As a rule of thumb: you can test your bluetooth connection in which you send any test data from your Desktop/Laptop (server) to your Android (client) device or other way round, any small ZIP file would do. Prepare any small ZIP file, right mouse click -> Send to -> Bluetooth device. If such sending fails you need to set up your bluetooth connection in system first.
The 3DSMaxWire.dlu plugin was designed primarily for 3dsMax 2012, and may theoretically have some visual side effects in other versions. The .apk was tested for two devices so far: A500 Acer Tablet with Android 3.2.1 and LG-P700 with Android 4.0.3.
Any your bug reports would be welcome.
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