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3D PDF Reader

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Informação App:
- Nome: 3D PDF Reader
- Tamanho: 28M
- Editor: Tech Soft 3D
- Versão Atual:
- Requer Android: 4.0 ou version ultérieure
- Atualizada: 5 avril 2016
- Instalação: Entre 10 000 et 50 000

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Baixar gratis App 3D PDF Reader Livre no Armazém Android GameAndroidBR.Com - Baixar 3D PDF Reader gratis o mais recente, Você pode baixar 3D PDF Reader no seu Android para experimentar as grandes características que trazem
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Experience your rich 3D PDF data without being tied to your desktop! 3D PDF Reader extends the usefulness of 3D PDF documents by making it possible to view and interact with 3D PDF data directly on your tablet or smartphone.
3D PDF Reader is developed by Tech Soft 3D, the company Adobe® chose as its technology partner for serving Adobe OEM developers using 3D in their applications. This means the same native 3D technology in Adobe Reader® is also in 3D PDF Reader, ensuring that your 3D content displays on mobile devices the same as on desktops with Adobe Reader.
3D PDF Reader is the only mobile application with 100% format support for the recently ISO-certified PRC format, so you can be sure that 3D content from your standards-compliant 3D PDFs display completely accurately on mobile.
Support for Views, Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), isolating and hiding parts in an assembly and creating complex section cuts make 3D PDF Reader much more than a viewer.
Key Features:
• Directly reads PDF files (3D content only)
• Supports .PRC and .U3D (3D PDF) formats
• Also supports .HSF, .STL, .PLY and .OBJ formats
• Calculates physical properties on a per part basis
• Notes any solid geometry as precise (vs. approximate for mesh geometry)
• Uses multiple cutting planes to create complex section cuts for seeing the model’s interior
• Rotates, pans, and zooms using intuitive multi-touch gestures
• Navigates between or animates the transition between various model views
• Queries the part names of objects
• Isolates or hides components of an assembly
• Selects on PMI to determine associated features
• Loads models into 3D PDF Reader directly from an email attachment or cloud-based storage applications such as Box or Dropbox
Baixar online gratis App 3D PDF Reader no Android o mais recente
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Imagem 3D PDF Reader gratis no android
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