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Insta3D - animated 3D avatar

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Informação App:
- Nome: Insta3D - animated 3D avatar
- Tamanho: 49M
- Editor: Speed 3D Inc.
- Versão Atual:
- Requer Android: 4.1 ou version ultérieure
- Instalação: Entre 100 000 et 500 000
- Atualizada: 17 juillet 2015

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Insta3D instantly transforms a simple photo of your face into your very own 3D avatar with a mind of its own!
Download Insta3D and create your own animated 3D avatar! Insta3D uses animation-generating technologies to turn your photo into a lively 3D animation! This 3D avatar maker comes loaded with customizable features that add life to your animated 3D avatar!
It’s easy to create a realistic 3D avatar on your phone with the Insta3D avatar creator. Take a selfie or a photo of anyone’s face and transform them into a 3D animation in seconds! Rotate, zoom and move the avatar in a full 3D view as you watch it come to life in full effect!
Easily create a realistic 3D avatar!
* Take a picture of yourself or use an existing photo
* Select a boy or a girl avatar
* Watch as the Insta3D animation creator converts your face into a full bodied, moving 3D cartoon avatar in seconds!
There are plenty of ways to customize and add personality to your newly created 3D cartoon avatar! Choose from tons of hairstyles, accessories and outfits to give your 3D animated self a unique look!
An animated 3D avatar with the image you want!
* Match your 3D avatar’s hairstyle with your own, or pick an accessory to wear!
* Select a pair of glasses for a unique look
* Choose an outfit for any occasion!
With Insta3D, your animated 3D avatar is always on the move and you can even choose how they act on screen! Choose their facial expressions and watch as they dance, wave to you, strike poses and more! You can even choose from different pre-set backgrounds, or set a photo in your camera roll as a backdrop!
Your realistic 3D avatar has got some real moves!
*pick how you want your avatar to dance, move and more
*several funny facial expressions
Insta3D is your very own cartoon maker and avatar creator!
*backgrounds include plain color, subway station, the moon and more
*upload your own photo as a background and watch your 3D avatar move in front of it
3D avatar creation bonus features
*create and store up to unlimited unique 3D animation avatars
*in app tips for taking the perfect photo for your avatar
*share your 3D avatar with friends for laughs as a picture, video or gif
*share your avatar through text, email and twitter
*plenty of fun filled bonus accessory packs that include more outfits, more moves and more backdrops
Join the fun and cartoon yourself! Turn a plain boring photo into a crazy 3D animation that moves, dresses and looks just like you want it to! Download Insta3D and create your own avatar today!
*** Download the number 1 free app in Taiwan App Store ***
For more advanced creation, you can plug in and reuse Insta3D photos and animations in other apps. The 3D avatar model is specially designed to be used in other animations and videos. 

For any questions or comments about the awesome virtual avatar creator Insta3D, reach us at: support@spe3d.co

Follow Insta3D for the most up-to-date news:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Insta3D
Twitter: @Insta3D

Insta3D introduction video: http://goo.gl/f23bXI
Instagram: @Insta3D_app
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