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Color Switch Go

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Informação Game:
- Nome: Color Switch Go
- Tamanho:
- Editor: Abrar Ahmed
- Versão Atual:
- Instalação: Entre 100 000 et 500 000
- Atualizada: 17 septembre 2016
- Requer Android: 2.3 ou version ultérieure

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For how long can you keep playing Switch Color Go without smashing your Phone?
How far can you get with this addicting game!
Welcome to this colorful world! Switch Color Go is a one touch arcade where you must press a jump ball.
The colorful ball only pass obstacles with the same color. Collect all stars to collect score.
If you go through the wrong color, then the round ends. So strategize!!
- You can not cross each obstacle with the same color of the color of the ball.
- Jump Up the ball
- Go through the same Pattern Color as your Ball on each obstacle to cross it.
- Avoid touching different colors. You only cross each obstacle with the same color of the color of the ball.
- The more Stars collected the Higher Score you get.
- Switch Color has HD graphics
- Impressive color patterns.
- Easy to play, hard to master
- Switch Color is a game free for all ages.
If you are color cross fan, you instantly get hooked on this addictive game switch color GO!
Switch Color Go is perfect for killing time, leisure, training brain, the connection with family and friends.
It is one of those games where you get frustrated if you get stuck, yet you will continue to play for hours until you beat the hight score.
Then the cycle starts all over again on the next level. Resistance is futile! Challenge your friends in an exciting game of color wheel.
What are you waiting for? Download our game and enjoy the best switch color game ever!
Baixar gratis online Game Android Color Switch Go gratis o mais recente

Baixar gratis Game Android Color Switch Go o mais recente

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Imagem Game Color Switch Go do Android o mais recente

Desejo-lhe um grande dia e confortável no nosso website. Agora download Game Color Switch Go para android gratuito para hoje. Armazém Arcade 2015 gratuito baixar Smash Hit jogo em aplicativo GameAndroidBR.Com - Baixe Smash Hit livre na máquina android, este é um Arcade maciça interessante e consistente com todos os usuários do Android
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