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Informação App:
- Nome: Navigateur Web
- Tamanho:
- Editor: Best Apps Selection
- Atualizada: 30 août 2016
- Requer Android: 2.3 ou version ultérieure
- Versão Atual:
- Instalação: Entre 1 000 000 et 5 000 000

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This is no doubt the fastest browser ever.
Web Explorer rewrite the stock rom of Android Browser and eliminate unnecessary module to make it 30% faster than normal android browser. You can compare our browser with some of the browsers in the market and their speed is way behind. We have included the function that was included in many premium browser . Our tabbed browsing is a concept that was inspired by the earlier version of famous internet browser that could enhance the user experience. The bookmarking function also let you explore the web page that you liked previously. So move on now and download this powerful web explorer.
Powerful Features
✓Fast Speed
✓Bookmark your favourite websites on your browser
✓Browse Faster with accelerated page loading
✓Search with Google/Bing/Baidu
✓Save data costs in 3G/4G mode
✓Full Screen
✓Visit History
Imagem App Navigateur Web Apk gratuito

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